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Bet Am Shalom is a place of prayer where individuals with varied spiritual goals and leanings find a comfortable home; it is a place of creative education and meaningful study for children and adults; and it is a place of gathering, where we connect with others through social, communal and religious activities. The congregation provides support in times of illness or mourning, ritual and life cycle events, social action, programs and scholarly lectures, family learning, musical performances, the arts and all the endeavors that build and sustain a sacred community.

We are...

an inclusive community. We are an intergenerational community, comprised of many types of families in varied life circumstances. Our members come from Reconstructionist, Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and secular backgrounds. Our congregation includes singles, families with children, empty nesters, seniors, LGBTQ, and inter-faith families.

engaged in ritual, educational, cultural and social action activities, made possible by our enthusiastic and involved membership.

committed to bringing healing to the world through prayer, loving acts towards others, caring for the earth and the study of Torah.

part of the Reconstructionist movement, which views Judaism broadly as an evolving civilization that includes our religion, history, language, culture, traditions and ethical world-view. Reconstructionists are open to a range of beliefs about God. We often refer to God as the divine power that works through us, rather than a supernatural “being” who acts upon us: God is discovered in the everyday miracles of life.

dedicated to strengthening our children’s identification and commitment to Judaism. We offer activities and family programs for our younger members through our education program to a unique B’nai Mitzvah preparation process for parents and child with the Rabbi. We have an innovative high school program and recently introduced intergenerational learning experiences to involve the whole congregation in learning with our children.

a worship community. Our services mix prayer, joyful singing and thoughtful intellectual content and discussion, blending our child-friendly culture with our recognition of the need for serious, adult prayer. We encourage congregational participation in chanting Torah and Haftarah, and delivering the weekly D’var Torah (sermon). Our largest service is on Shabbat morning at 9:45 a.m. followed by a community kiddush lunch. 

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