Our Shabbat services depend upon congregant participation. Our greeters are members of the Board of Trustees and School Board. Volunteers chant the Torah and Haftarah and deliver the weekly d’var torah (sermon). Volunteers also serve as gabbais (Torah reading "secretaries"). Periodically the ritual committee sponsors a "gabbai college" for congregants interested in participating in this way.

One way of participating is by taking an "aliyah" (a Torah blessing honor). We encourage any Jewish adult to ask for an aliyah, whether for a special reason or for no reason at all. Our ritual committee is available for those who need a refresher course on aliyah protocol.

Our Sunday morning Shacharit service is also a time for congregant participation. The service is short and peaceful, and a marvelous way to start the day and the new week. At the same time we are providing a minyan for fellow congregants who are saying kaddish.

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