Shabbat No'ar (Youth Shabbat)

This youth and family service meets from 11am-noon on the following dates:  
10/24/20, 12/5/20, 1/9/21, 3/20/21, 4/17/21, 5/8/21

Before Shabbat No'ar, families are invited to attend the main service between 9:45am-11am.  After Shabbat No'ar, we join the end of the main service, and all children are invited to lead the Motzi prayer over the challah for the congregation.

This youth service provides an opportunity for children to take on leadership roles, including leading prayers, reading Torah, and sharing their learning about the weekly Torah portion.   

Families with children of all ages are encouraged to attend our main service in the Sanctuary.  We have a rug with toys and books for young children in the Sanctuary.

Contact Education Director Abby Reiken for more information.

Shabbat, 10/24/20: We'll learn about the story of Noah and the ark, and The Nature of Things will visit with live animals to teach us about caring for animals.

Grade Level Shabbat Dates in Shabbat No'ar:
Participating in Shabbat morning services is a great opportunity to build and strengthen your connections to the BAS community.

BAS children enrolled in Torah La'am (our education program) will practice their Torah readings for their grade level Shabbat in class and at home. BAS children not enrolled in Torah La'am can practice their Torah readings at home or with a teen madrich/a (guide) on Sundays.  Contact Education Director Abby Reiken for more information.

These grades will take on leadership roles in Shabbat No'ar on the following dates. All youth and families are welcome to attend on these dates:

3rd grade:  12/5/20 (with their 5th/6th grade chaverim) and 3/20/21* with their new personalized siddurim (prayerbooks)

4th grade:  1/9/21, 5/8/21--4th graders will read Torah.

5th/6th grade: 12/5/20 (with their 3rd grade chaverim) and 4/17/21*

*On 3/20 and 4/17 Following the Shabbat No'ar service, families will participate in an intergenerational Torah study led by Rabbi Bronstein in the Sanctuary.




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