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Wednesday Evening Rabbi's Parashah Study Group

Each Wednesday evening, Rabbi Bronstein leads a tour of the "Par'shat Hashavua," the Torah portion of the week. The class will look at plot, themes, language, poetry, theology, history, and, of course, commentary. The class is intended to be stimulating for the adept AND a worthwhile learning experience for novices, including non-Hebrew readers.

Thursday Morning Rabbi's Talmud Study Group: Legends of the Talmud

The morning study group meets each Thursday morning in the library and makes its way through the Steinsaltz translation and commentary on the Talmud. Good food for thought and good company. You can drop in anytime or become a regular. No prerequisites other than a love of Jewish learning.

Check the calendar for complete schedule.

Recent Writings by Rabbi Bronstein

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Lev La'am Newsletter Column

‘Zionism Yes — And,’ an article appearing on Reconstructing Judaism’s site “Evolve.”

"Pride and Pridefulness," from Israel, July 2019

D'var Torah on Par'shat P'kudey: "Filled with Pride" March, 2019

High Holy Days Sermons 2019/5780
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

High Holy Days Sermons 2018/5779
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

D'var Torah for Sh'mot January, 2018

High Holy Days Sermons 2017/5778
Rosh Hashanah
Yom Kippur

60th Anniversary Tribute

D’var Torah for Shabbat Following Election Day
Lech L'cha, November 12, 2016

High Holy Days Sermons 2016/5777
Rosh Hashanah
Yom KippurSpeech Delivered for White Plains Yom Hashoah Commemoration
Holocaust Torahs  May 5, 2016 Audio (2:34)

Postings from Israel
January 7, 2016
January 3, 2016


New York Board of Rabbis

On October 25, 2018, Rabbi Bronstein was installed as the 64th President of the New York Board of Rabbis (NYBR). For more than 136 years, The New York Board of Rabbis has shaped the future of Jewish life in New York, educated rabbis and the public, and responded to the changing needs of Jewish communities.

Previously, Rabbi Bronstein served as the Vice President for the NYBR. On June 19, 2017, the NYBR recognized His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Vincent F. Pitta,  Esq. and Robert S. Tucker, Esq. for their extraordinary humanitarian work in New York City, the United States and around the world. Rabbi Bronstein presented the award to the Cardinal.


Ambassador Dani Dayan, Vincent F. Pitta, Dave Price,                                            Rabbi Lester Bronstein,  Honoree His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Timothy Cardinal Dolan,  Rabbi Gideon Shloush, Rabbi Joseph                            and Mary O'Connor Ward-Donegan.
Postasnik,  Rabbi Lester Bronstein and Robert S. Tucker


In Israel

Angry young haredi confronts Rabbi Bronstein at Western Wall protest for equal religious rights


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