Our Leaders

Rabbi Lester Bronstein

Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller

Vicky Farhi, Executive Director

Abby Reiken, Education Director                         

The Executive Committee

The Board of Trustees

The School Board


Leadership Practices

The Bet Am Shalom community believes that those among us who are selected to fill leadership roles must lead from within the community rather than from above. Our lay leaders work closely with our clergy and administrators to ensure that we make collective decisions; decisions that reflect the consensus views of our membership, yet respect the differing views that exist within the membership. It is sometimes a delicate balance, but it is a balance that is crucial to our sense of community.

The hallmarks of our lay leadership practices are reflection, discussion, respect, openness and inclusion. Our Board of Trustee meetings are open to all members, and our Executive Committee members welcome being contacted and strive to be accessible. Our leadership is representative of the community, including members of differing ages and genders, newer and longer term members, members who reflect the diversity and interests of our community, but all of whom share a commitment to our synagogue community and to egalitarianism. Our wonderful rabbi has an open door policy and works closely with our lay leadership, offering spiritual leadership and guidance, but doing so in a collaborative manner that respects our tradition of melding Jewish tradition and democratic process.


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