Engaging with Israel

Bet Am Shalom, working with neighboring synagogues, aims to promote the relationship between our community and Israel by learning about and making connections with the people and the land of Israel through cultural, educational, philanthropic, historical and spiritual experiences. We will provide resources, programs and a forum for respectful discussion of all aspects of our relationship with Israel.

Commemorations and Celebrations

  • Yom Hazikaron
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut


Israel Day Parade










Israel Guide for Parents

More Information about Israel today

The BAS Israel Committee recommends you check out ISRAEL21C - a one-of-a-kind organization showing people across the globe a completely different side of Israel than that traditionally portrayed in the world's press: the reality of daily life… beyond the conflict. The web address is www.israel21c.com

ISRAEL21C portrays the excitement of Israeli culture; the technologies created there that are changing humanity for the better; the charities working to improve life in developing countries; and how Israel is improving millions of lives on a daily basis. Whether it’s a story about video games developed by an Israeli company to improve the skills of NCAA basketball players, or an Arab Israeli produced music video, a groundbreaking diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s, a pillow that can reduce wrinkles, or a potential cure for colony collapse syndrome, the disorder killing bees across the world - you’ll find something to read or pass on.

The Israel Committee wants you to feel great about Israel’s contributions to the world and recommends that you log on and subscribe to the Israel21C weekly online newsletter: www.israel21c.com

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