How to Support BAS without Extra Spending

Shop online with iGive

Image of iGive logo First, try  If you shop at any of thousands of online sites (including many travel sites) via the iGive website, and register Bet Am Shalom as your charity, our      synagogue receives a small donation for each purchase you make -- and it costs you nothing extra.  To make it extra-easy, install the iGive "button" in your web browser.  Once you install it, you can "set it and forget it" -- any time you navigate to a site that supports iGive, your donation will be taken care of.  When you search for sites to buy items, iGive will also "tag" the search results to show you which vendors support iGive -- it's automatic. Our members have already earned nearly $2500 through IGive. Just click on the icon.


image of Amazon smile logo  Are you a devoted Amazon shopper?  Then you can "double-dip" by signing up for iGive AND using Amazon Smile for all your purchases.  If you navigate to   and register BAS as your favorite charity, you can purchase the same merchandise at the same prices as the regular Amazon site, but BAS gets a portion as well.  If you are also using iGive, you'll generate a small donation from both sites when you shop at Amazon.


Donate your car

image of one car donation logo Do you have a car (or boat) that you no longer need? Donate it to BAS and receive a tax deduction. When it sells, BAS gets a check from the proceeds. Click on the icon to learn more.


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