Torah La’am (Torah for the People) Grades K-12 Jewish Education Program

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Our K-12 Jewish education program, Torah La'am (Torah for the People), creates personally meaningful, joyful ways for the whole family to experience Jewish living.

  • Students live Jewish values while learning in a nurturing community. They listen to and value a variety of perspectives, think critically as they grapple with complex questions, and help each other grow. Through our Chaverim (buddies) program, younger grades are matched with older grades in order to build community across grades. 
  • Our talented team of experienced, passionate educators meets throughout the year to collaborate and learn progressive ways to engage our students. Our educators communicate regularly with parents to bring the learning home and meet individual students' needs.
  • We engage families through a variety of creative modalities, including family and inter-generational activities, parenting workshops, music, band, art, cooking, collaborative projects, field trips, and social action programs.
  • Our students are actively learning Hebrew through decoding, reading, writing, speaking, and singing Hebrew.  Hebrew learning is incoporated into our explorations of Torah, tefillah (prayer), holidays, music, and everyday words in class.  We utilize small groups and one-on-one support to help each student strengthen their Hebrew skills.
  • BAS students and their families experience Jewish living inside and outside the classroom. We bake fun-shaped challah and desserts for communal Shabbat dinners, explore Jewish history on the Lower East Side, read Torah on Shabbat morning, interview older relatives and BAS members, address hunger issues with congregants, and participate in scavenger hunts with our community.

Contact Abby Reiken, Education Director, at or (914) 946-8851 to learn more or to set up a time to visit.

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