Grades K-12 Jewish Education Program

Torah La'am, the name of our K-12 Jewish education program, means "Torah for the People." 
We create personally meaningful, joyful ways for the whole family to experience Jewish living.

Our teachers focus on building communities in which students live Jewish values while learning.  They experience listening to and valuing a variety of perspectives, learning from everyone in the room, and helping each other grow.  Our teaching staff is always learning progressive ways to engage students, and we collaborate on ways to meet individual students' needs. Our program includes family and inter-generational activities, parenting workshops, music, youth band, art, cooking, hands-on projects, and social action programs.

Contact Abby Reiken, Education Director, at or (914) 946-8851 to learn more or to set up a time to visit.

Enroll a K-2 child in our education program and membership is free for new families! 

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Masa (Journey) Program will guide you to fulfill your personal and parenting goals for Jewish living with meaning, intention, and joy.    

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