Committees and Chevras

Our established committees are listed below. (At BAS, a committee is often referred to as a chevra.) Find your interest. Discover a passion. Join us.

Committee chairs set their own meeting dates which are included in the weekly email calendar sent from the BAS office. They are not listed in the website calendar.

Standing Committees

Ritual, Tefila (prayer) -- Congregants who are dedicated to the ritual life of our synagogue work together to answer questions, make decisions and help us incorporate Jewish traditional prayer and custom into synagogue life.

Finance -- This is a group that the synagogue Board of Trustees and Executive Committee can turn to for advice and guidance on matters related to financial operations and strategic planning.

Legal Advisory -- This is a small group of attorneys who make themselves available for consultation about synagogue matters.

House -- This committee advises our Board of Trustees regarding our physical plant and related operations.

Our Ever-expanding Committees/chevrot:

To get involved in any of these ever-expanding committees and chevrot, contact the chair of the committee or the office by email or phone (914-946-8851). The names of the chairs and their email addresses are posted in the Members Section of this website which only members can access. If you need help accessing the private section, please email or call the office.

BAS Connections: Providing help to members who have become more homebound and need some assistance continuing to connect with programs, services at BAS community.

BAS Theater Project: Every few years, we present a fully staged production for the community at large. There is a role for everyone who’s interested –acting, music, costumes, props, design, choreography, marketing, ticket sales, etc. Past productions include At the Table, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris and Déjà Vu. These productions raise funds for BAS or other charities.

Bet Amateurs: This teen-run group presents a wonderful annual musical, and has formed a tight-knit chevra (group/club) in the process. Admission is free; donations go to a charity that the teens designate each year.

Bikur Cholim (caring for the sick): Help us support those in our community who are dealing with illness. We offer visits, phone calls, cooked meals and transportation. Please help support this important mitzvah.

Blood Drive: Twice a year, together with our neighbor synagogue Kol Ami, Bet Am hosts a a blood drive. Donate blood . . . people can't live without it!

Choir: Join Shirat Ha’am - "Voice of the People", a choir composed of all interested congregants led by the wonderful Cantor Benjie Schiller. The chorus sings several times a year during regular services; 4-6 rehearsals before each presentation.

College Outreach: Join us as we prepare Chanukah and Purim gifts for our college students. We also invite undergraduate and graduate students to join Rabbi Bronstein and a group of their peers for a lively evening of food, conversation and catching up with old and new friends, twice annually.

Congregational Shabbat Dinner: Join us for an occasional Friday night dinner after Kabbalat Shabat services. Meet up with old, new and soon-to-be friends and enjoy some entertainment or games. Advance reservations are mandatory. There is a charge for dinner.

Family Programming: Works to provide and coordinate activities and programs to encourage family engagement in the Bet Am Shalom community. We have educational and social programming, as well as meaningful opportunities to participate in our Shabbat community, including our Shorashim (early childhood programming) program (see details below), Shabbat Kulanu Congregational Kabbalat Shabbat and Potluck Dinner, and "See You at Synagogue".

Fund Raising: Fundraising at Bet Am is nothing like the typical testimonial dinners or golf outings that other organizations sponsor. Somehow this committee comes up with wonderful and creative ideas every year! Join them.

Green Chevra: Works on projects to move the synagogue in a more environmentally responsible direction.

Israel Committee Join fellow congregants and those from other congregations in the area as they plan ways for us to learn about, and celebrate our connection with, the land of Israel.

Judaica Craft Show: The BAS Annual Judaica Craft Show, featuring the finest selection of Judaica and jewelry, has been a regional attraction for years and brings hundreds of people to our synagogue. We rely on volunteers to help make the show happen.

Landscaping: Our Garden and Landscaping committee helps keep our grounds blooming and beautiful. Join us regularly, or drop in for a special Garden Day in the spring, summer or fall.

Library: Help us acquire and take care of books for the Bet Am library, which is open to all who want to read or do research.

Meal of Consolation (Se'udat Havra'ah): We support mourners by offering a simple Meal of Consolation upon return from the cemetery. Contact the office to learn how you can be part of this process. (Please see Shiva Captain below for other support of mourners.)

Membership Outreach: This group reaches beyond our walls to those who may be seeking affiliation with a synagogue, with welcoming activities and information.

Midnight Run: Several times a year, we make a late-night trip to NY City to help feed and clothe the homeless via an organization called Midnight Run. Help us sort clothes and prepare “brown bag dinners” for the men and women, or sign up to actually go on the Run itself.

Mishloach Manot (giving of Purim baskets): Congregants may sign up to give communally-prepared traditional and beautiful Purim baskets to each other, our staff, and needy individuals outside our community. The real fun is in the communal baking, packing and delivering! Come help out.

New Member Chevra: We help to orient new members to the synagogue, working to ensure that each new member family feels warmly welcomed and can easily access information about how to get involved in all that we have to offer at BAS. We plan events throughout the year, such as the New Member Welcome Dinner, which help to build bridges between new members and longtime members of the BAS community.

Newsletter-Lev La’am: our regular Bet Am Shalom newsletter, is distributed online. Help us with the newsletter, or contribute an article.

Parent Association for Torah La'am: What would any school be without its PTA?  Our PTA supports our Jewish education programs. .

Program Committee: Help us design programs you and others will want to attend. Help set direction and give focus to each year’s programming for the whole shul. Everyone is welcome.

Purim Spiel: Each year a capacity crowd of old and young comes to celebrate the fall of Haman. Purim at BAS only gets crazier with each passing year. There are kids’ and adult Megillah readings; the adult reading is punctuated with spiel intermissions. No one is spared the BAS wit! Join us if you like to write, sing or perform!

Selected Jewish Short Stories: Once or twice each year, we present a program of stories with Jewish themes. Ranging from drama to comedy to fantasy, the stories are drawn from a rich heritage, including Yiddish, American Jewish, and Israeli writers old and new. BAS members volunteer to read these stories aloud, and the audience has a chance to discuss the works.

Shalom Yisrael (Zahal Shalom): Help us welcome Israeli women to our community who are the first responders to emergencies; many have been injured in the Armed Forces or experienced other life trauma there. Each woman stays with a host family. BAS volunteers drive the guests during their stay on weekdays. 

Shiva Captains: We support fellow congregants in mourning in several ways. Shiva Captains help congregants in the days after a loss by organizing prayerbook delivery, a meal of consolation and/or other support. We also have a shiva minyan class where participants study the customs of shiva and learn how to conduct an evening prayer service in a mourner’s home. Contact the office to help. (Please see Meal of Consolation above for more about how we support mourners.)

Shorashim Chevra: Volunteer for Shorashim (BAS monthly early childhood programs) to engage member and non-member parents and children in the activities, build connections between participants, and share your love of BAS.  Volunteers can help out at one or more of the programs.  Guitar and keyboard players are needed for the last 15 minutes of our programs.  Click here to find out more about volunteering.

Social Action--Tzedakah (charity) and Tikkun Olam (repair the world): Join our Social Action Committee to participate in many activities that help make the world a better place. Attend our annual Social Action Concert and enjoy outstanding music while raising money for an important cause.

Youth Group: Teens can work with our Youth Coordinator to help plan teen events, as well as events for our younger youth group.

Writers Chug (an original writers circle): Congregants give each other support and encouragement as we individually work on original Jewish fiction. In the spring, we have a reading where we present our work to the congregation. Join us!


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