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Jewish Living and Learning—Peulot Point Program

At Bet Am Shalom, we recognize that some of the most powerful Jewish learning takes place outside of the classroom, often while we are together as a family. Jewish learning happens while attending services, delivering Purim baskets, welcoming neighbors, celebrating Shabbat at home, and reading a book on a Jewish topic. To encourage this kind of learning and to accommodate families' busy schedules, we have created a system in which our families can customize the learning for our children. The Peulot Point program (peulot means "activities") allows us to choose activities and services that most interest our families.

Each student in Kitah Gimmel through Kitah Vav (Grade 3 through Grade 6) is required to earn SIX Peulot Points every trimester. Participating in an activity equals one point. The trimesters are: September—November, December—February, and March—May.

Service attendance acquaints our students with the melodies and texts of the worship service. There is often a high correlation between a child’s comfort with Hebrew and his/her attendance at services. Families who attend regulary find they develop closer connections to the community and enjoy the meaningful work that takes place in our service. Attendance, including once a month, can have a strong impact on the way a family experiences Jewish life.

At least 3 peulot points must be earned by attending services on holidays and Shabbat. Shabbat services are held on Friday night—Kabbalat Shabbat, Shabbat morning, and Saturday evening--Havdalah.

The other 3 points can be earned by attending services, participating in BAS community and youth programs, celebrating Jewish holidays at home, attending Jewish life cycle events, reading Jewish books, doing community service, visiting a Jewish museum...

Students record their peulot points on the chart in their binder and attached below. Parents can keep track of their children’s peulot points, and teachers can utilize the charts to integrate the students’ Jewish experiences outside of class into the classroom experience.

Go to our Torah La'am calendar to see the many opportunities for Jewish experiences.

If you have any questions, please contact our Education Director, Abby Reiken, eddirector [at] betamshalom [dot] org or 946-8851.


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